• Open Emergency Department data

    Emergency department data (per shift), such as: 1. Number of bed bays available. 2. Number of beds (gurneys?) used . 3. Number of patients 4. Number...
  • Open NYC Anonymous Taxi Demand/Booking Records

    I am looking for historical data recording taxi demand in NYC including the time and locations, i.e. it can be one from online sources/app or survey from physical taxi stand.
  • Open Hot Subway Car data

    The Hot Subway Car data link appears to be broken. I am hoping to use this (and other data) to teach data analysis and Python programming to high school students this summer....
  • Open Food scrap drop-off sites

    Derived and partially geocoded from DSNY. https://github.com/bplmp/nyc-food-scrap-drop-off-sites
  • Open Can I haz TLC data?

    TLC trip data
  • Open Street Light Data Locations

    I am working on a project mapping pedestrian street lights in NYC. The idea is to see how that dataset correlates with crime, income and other factors. I know the DOT is...
  • Open NYPD Bike Theft Data

    I'd like to get information about where and when in the city bike theft happens. Having this data could inform what makes a good or bad spot for bikes, be aggregated to a...
  • Open Historical Traffic Violation Data Revenue

    Per @h2oboxer at https://talk.beta.nyc/t/historical-traffic-violation-data-revenu-request/981 After reading the latest "I Quant NY" blog post it got me thinking of how many...
  • Open Historical DOT RSS feeds

    DOT publishes several RSS feeds at http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/about/datafeeds.shtml. It'd be nice if a script can be setup to poll these RSS feeds and expose the data via...
  • Open Fire code violations from the FDNY

    Big, interesting dataset, with a high public interest value. If a building is unsafe and the city knows it, they should make that information available.