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  • NYC Housing Data

    NYC housing data from CivicDashboards
  • NYC 2011 Housing and Vacancy Survey

    The 2011 Housing and Vacancy Survey (HVS) for New York City. Included are 3 CSVs--one of the occupied unit files; one of the vacant unit files; and one of the person files...
  • Inside Airbnb Data

    The data behind the Inside Airbnb site is sourced from publicly available information from the Airbnb site, accessed between January 1 and January 3, 2015. Sourced from the...
  • NY DHCR Community Housing Organization List

    This data is generated by a script that pulls down information on the New York Homes and Community Renewal's list of community housing based organizations that are currently...
  • Public Housing, RPA Region

    This shapefile has information about public housing units in the RPA region including local name and 2050 floodplain and 100-year floodplain vulnerability.