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  • NYPD Compstat Data 2015

    Weekly File Upload of Cumulative NYPD CompStat Data for 2015. As of 06/29/2015 the NYPD has modified the format of the PDF and have included an Excel file for each precinct.
  • FDNY Stats (Updated for 2015)

    The FDNY publishes data on a monthly basis containing information on Fire and EMS activities. This Repository will contain extracted information going back to 2001.
  • Crash Data

    Crash data from NYPD geo-tagged and aggregated to intersections.
  • NYPD Compstat Data 2014

    Combined .CSV file for 2014
  • Speed Humps

    A list of speed humps constructed in New York City in 2014.
  • Mean Streets 2014 Data

    Mean Streets 2014 WNYC tracked all of the fatal traffic crashes in New York City in 2014 — 268 people total, enriching, contextualizing and humanizing the raw statistics...
  • FDNY Fire Incidents

    A list of all FDNY fire incidents with descriptive data (2012-2013)