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  • 596-acres

    596 Acres

    We are New York City's community land access advocates, translating municipal...

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  • bagitnyc


    Coalition of organizations advocating for legislation to reduce plastic bag...

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  • betanyc-sponsored-datasets

    BetaNYC Sponsored Datasets

    These are datasets that are sponsored from BetaNYC.

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  • citizens-union

    Citizens Union

    Citizens Union is a nonpartisan good government group dedicated to making...

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  • connecting-nyc Inc. is the New York State not-for-profit formed in 2005 by...

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  • cyberstream


    Established in 2000, CyberStream is a systems integration and software...

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  • department-of-transportation

    Department of Transportation

    All the DOT-related datasets curated by the community in the portal.

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  • diggernaut


    Cloud based data extraction and processing platform

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  • fivethirtyeight


    From one of the pioneers of applying data science to political analysis -...

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  • insideairbnb


    Adding Data to the Debate. A project by Murray Cox.

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  • masnyc


    Datasets published by the the Municipal Arts Society. NOTE: This dataset...

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  • moma


    Museum of Modern Art. NOTE: This data is being catalogued for the...

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  • nyc-taxi-limousine-commission

    NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission

    The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), created in 1971, is...

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  • pediacities


    Datasets curated by CivicDashboards by Ontodia.

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  • placemeter


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  • reclaim-the-records

    Reclaim the Records

    We're a not-for-profit activist group using state Freedom of Information...

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  • regional-plan-association

    Regional Plan Association

    Founded in 1922, Regional Plan Association works to improve the quality of...

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  • revaluate


    Revaluate uses data from over 2,000 sources to help home buyers and renters...

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  • sarapis


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  • test


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  • the-new-york-world

    The New York World The New York World focuses on producing...

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