COVID-19 Global time-series

This is a near real-time feed of COVID-19 Data from John Hopkins University repository - the same data behind JHU's COVID-19 Dashboard.

It is automatically updated whenever the JHU repository has new data.

It has been transformed to an expanded, enriched time-series format that is better suited for analysis:

  • the JHU data only has running totals. This version also derives per-day incident counts (confirmed, deaths, recovered) for a given date/location. This enables analysis of arbitrary date ranges (e.g. how many people recovered the past week?), deeper statistical analysis, and benchmarking.

  • the Location data has been enriched to include continent, and for the US - locality, county and state to facilitate aggregations.

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Maintainer Joel Natividad
Last Updated March 24, 2020, 15:07 (UTC)
Created March 6, 2020, 15:36 (UTC)
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