NY Personalized License Plates

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Data on New York personalized license plate applications received from the New York DMV in response to a July 2014 FOIL request. Covers applications from 10/1/2010 to 9/26/2014.

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  • accepted-plates.csv: CSV of plate applications that were accepted and issued, with order date and plate configuration.
  • rejected-plates.csv: CSV of plate applications that were rejected by the department, with order date and plate configuration.
  • red-guide.csv: A copy of the Red Guide, the list of "inappropriate" plate configurations that are automatically disallowed by the New York DMV as of July 2015.
  • procedure.pdf: A document listing the DMV's plate review and cancellation procedures as of June 2014.


  • This data may contain explicit or offensive language.
  • Plate configurations in accepted-plates.csv may have since been revoked by the DMV.
  • Plate configurations in rejected-plates.csv were rejected by the department. It does not include plates that were reserved, banned by the Red Guide, or cancelled for administrative reasons.
  • Some plate configurations may exist in multiple applications.
  • A small number of rows may contain erroneous data because of Excel cell formatting in the original prepared files.
  • Although the DMV collects an explanation of the requested combination from each online applicant, that information is not preserved.

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