Social Vulnerability Index

The index was created by using 8 variables that reflect people’s vulnerability to any kind of disaster. The Social Vulnerability Index is an average of 8 variables where 0 is least vulnerable and 1 is most vulnerable. These were categorized into three main themes: Age: The potential for child care and/or elder care needs + dependency on others -Dependent on others: Population under 18 [Prcnt_U18] -Need assistance: Population over 65 [Prcnt_65o] Income & Civic Structure: potential for civic capacity needs + language barriers + relative losses -Financial Restrictions: Households below median income (median income defined as 50,000 for the region) [Prcnt_HHBM] -Language Barriers: Population above 5 that speaks English not well or not at all [Prcnt_Lng] -Civic/Social Structure: Non-white population [Minority] Housing Composition: potential need for evacuation + concentration of housing units & overcrowding + loss of home & dependency on landlord + possible displacements -Density: Occupied housing units [Occ_HU] -Housing uncertainty: Persons in renter occupied housing units [Prcnt_Rent] -Evacuation aid: Housing units with no car [Prcnt_NoCa]

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